Friday, March 21, 2008

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense

1.Actions completed just now.
2.To recall the experience of an action.

I person
II person } Subject + have + past participle +object of a verb
III person plural

III person singular } Subject + has + past participle + object of a verb


1.I have just started class.

2.You have come just now.

3.She has already gone to Chennai.

4.It has started few minutes ago.

5.I have already introduced you at him.

Questions: Yes or No type

1.Have you had your supper?

No,I haven't (or) Not ye.

2.Have you ever travelled flight?

No I have n't.

3.Have I ever told you not to come here?

4.Have I ever asked you for money?

5.Have I ever disturbed you?

Subject questions:

1.Have I ever met him?
2.What have you don so far?
3.Do you have a car?
4.Have I ever beaten you?
5.Whom have you invited to party so far?

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